Diary of a Dick Vet

23 March 2011

Last Lecture

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Today, I had (hopefully, from a ‘passing my exams’ perspective) my last-ever lecture of vet school.

In May, we have an additional module, that features daily practical in small groups, so I’m not entirely done with the year. But the lecture aspect is done! Perhaps some Alice Cooper is in order….

21 March 2011

Veterinary Student Thoughts of the Day

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1) Rabbits really are cute. I wish they were more popular in the US.

2) I would no longer say that I’m afraid of snakes, but I still find holding one rather unpleasant.

3) 4th-grade me would be delighted to hear that 3rd-year-of-vet-school me now wants a pet leopard gecko.

4) Although most veterinary students enter University because of a passion for animal health and medicine, an unassailable truth is that the profession comes with many additional (and perhaps unwanted) responsibilities. One such duty is to protect the welfare of animals in the cases of cruelty. After an intense afternoon lecture on the close link between animal abuse and domestic and/or child abuse, I can’t help but wonder how I will perform as a sentinel for animal harm. Fortunately, my experience at various practices suggests that abuse cases are irregular occurrences, but the possibility of my encountering an animal (or person) who suffers from neglect or non-accidental harm during my working life is almost definite.

5) I will never care about regulations regarding the legal disposal of agricultural waste.

13 March 2011

In honor of my ‘Fish Hygiene’ lectures

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O how I wish for a good tuna melt
And for a whiff of that fair fishy smelt
My buttons will pop
And my zipper unlock
As each new sandwich pushes ‘gainst my belt

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